Weds May 22 2024 11:00am UK time

It’s 2024, and AI has become the ultimate bright and shiny object that agencies are constantly dazzled by. 

But if you don’t find ways to use it to drive your business forwards, it will prove futile

“I look at AI to do one of two things for us,” says Elliott Botterill, founder of Botters. “It should either increase our efficiency and enable us to do more without sacrificing quality – and in many cases, improve the quality. Or secondly, adding additional value.”

“Every week, we block out an afternoon and our whole team just goes and plays with AI, because how can we come up with ideas if we’re not sure what we’re capable of?”

Because of their eagerness to learn, Botters’ clients are even more satisfied, experiencing a higher output at an even better quality than before. 

“All of a sudden, instead of servicing just 15 clients with 10 people, we can service 25-35,” says Elliott. “Our margins have gone through the flippin’ roof, whilst the actual quality of the service has improved. Before AI this was just unfathomable.” 

So how exactly are they using it? Well, they find ways to integrate AI into their already well-defined workflows, breaking the workflows down into subsections of tasks and identifying areas where AI could add value or streamline processes.

“We’re basically doing more in either the same or less time,” explains Elliot. “Which from an agency owner’s perspective is critical, because it takes a business model that’s already quite nice, and turns it into an incredibly sexy one.”

By focusing on increasing efficiency and adding value without compromising quality, Botters has nailed its AI integration.

Join us for this month’s AI Whisperers, where Elliott will be delving into how he and his team have used AI so efficiently and have mastered integrating this framework into their workflow.