Thurs 23 Nov 2023 2:00pm UK time

“The biggest mistake people make is thinking that the number one reason for using AI is to create content. But that’s like the worst thing you can do with it,” says Heather Murray, founder of Beesting Digital.

“For example, with new biz everyone thinks you can use AI to generate your first lines – but those first lines are generally pretty weak.”

ChatGPT boasts a lot of potential, but it can take months before you really get to grips with it. Some days, you spend that much time faffing around with prompts, it feels like implementing this into your process is actually slowing you down.

But what you really need is a prompt guru like Heather Murray.

Heather has created a ChatGPT ‘playbook’ for LinkedIn absolutely jam-packed with practical tips on how to utilise LLMs to help with sales, marketing, content creation and more. 

In this session, Heather will be drawing on her guide to show you how to create content in ChatGPT that actually sounds like you – or your brand.

“It’s mind blowing the way you can create a tone of voice guide that’s completely trained on your data,” she says. “Then, when you paste that into the new custom instructions tool, it applies that guide to every response from then on, without you having to describe it.”

“And you can apply that to anything – LinkedIn, blog posts, or even cold email campaigns.”

Come along to hear how you can use ChatGPT in your own LinkedIn strategy, how to manipulate it to get the output you require, and pose your AI questions to the expert.