Weds 7 Feb 2024 12.00pm UK time

“Giving and receiving feedback is all about diving in. The more you do it, the better you get.”

Andy Brown, advisor and non-exec, knows all about feedback. And a lot of it, he says, is psychological.

“Giving feedback is as psychological a process as receiving it,’ he explains.

“It’s about being open to hearing feedback, but also being inquisitive and observing yourself. Good leadership is about being able to observe your own behaviour, and get out of your own head.”

In our inaugural Agency Leadership Programme session, we’ll be exploring:

  • The JFDI approach to giving feedback.
  • The different ways of giving and receiving feedback – and finding what works for you, and your team.
  • How practice makes perfect.

This session will run for 90 minutes, and will include breakout rooms and discussion, so please come armed and ready to participate.

Join us for this transformative session with Andy. It’s a unique chance for you to step up your leadership game, and focus on turning the art of feedback into a tangible skill.

This session is part of our Agency Leadership Programme – and it’s part of your Agency Hackers membership. If you’re interested in sending someone from your agency to the programme, or you’re interested in becoming a member of Agency Hackers, please get in touch with Anne Harlow.