Thurs 17 Nov 2:00pm UK time

Join fellow marketing and new business folk in our regular mastermind get-together

Our CFO surgery is for the finance folks of our community to ask questions, seek support, share insight into what’s going on in their agency.

This month, we’ll be discussing foreign exchange rates.

In a recent session, ex procurement director Mike Lander raised some of the issues around foreign exchange rates. 

“If you’ve got revenues and costs in sterling, but your clients’ budgets are in euros, you could be at risk,” he said.  

“I did some analysis with a client recently – they were 11% down in revenue terms over 18 months, just because of currency movements.”

With that in mind, we’ll be using this session to talk about:

  • What issues can arise when dealing in different currencies?
  • What is hedging and how can it help?
  • What other strategies can be used to avoid exchange rate problems?

Come along to share your thoughts and experiences, and hear how others in your shoes are managing the same challenges.