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The Essential Agency Operations Case Study

  • How do your businesses’s processes and operations measure up against those of other agencies?
  • Take part in the first global survey of agency process and operations – in partnership with Scoro – the end-to-end work management software for agencies.
  • You will see how your business ranks against other agencies when it comes to operations, processes, utilisation – and everything else you need to make your agency happier and more profitable.

What you get for taking part

1. Benchmark your agency’s operations

Find out how you measure up in terms of profitability, margin, KPIs, and more

2. Get fresh new ideas

Peer behind the curtain and see how other agencies are making their businesses work better. What processes are you missing? Are there ideas you should adopt?

3. Step in the spotlight

Tell us what processes you are proud of! We are looking for speakers across our events – this is a great chance to show off work that you would like to share with the rest of the agency community.

Benchmark yourself against 100’s of other agencies

With the future uncertain, agencies are evaluating every part of their business: what they do, who they do it for, and how they do it – every part of their operations is under the microscope.

To help you make important decisions, we decided the to conduct the first major study of global agency operations.

We’ve partnered with Scoro, the end-to-end agency management platform for this report. Growing agencies use Scoro to boost their profitability by streamlining the way they work – from quoting and sales, right through to projects and billing – all in one easy to use platform.