Unlock Your Agency’s Potential: Discover helloHQ, the ‘Gold Standard’ of ERP Systems

5 months ago

Find out why helloHQ from Everii Group is Agency Hackers’ new Recommended Partner

Most agencies probably think that they are completely on top of their ERP system.

And maybe you do have a pretty good way of working – but is it the most streamlined version that it could possibly be? Mick Wallace from one of Agency Hackers’ new Recommended Partners Everii Group believes that there is always room for improvement and that their tool helloHQ could be the answer.

helloHQ has just rolled out an all-in-one software that they believe is the ‘gold standard’ for agencies. Think of all the nitty-gritty stuff you deal with at work – endless spreadsheets, confusing systems, and those ‘where-is-that-file’ moments.

Mick reckons that helloHQ promises to make those hassles history.

Mick says that helloHQ is a game-changer for agencies:

  • It comes with a customisable dashboards, a CRM system that actually makes sense, smart resource planning, and even a slick time tracking function.
  • And for the tech-savvy, it’s got over 2,000 integrations, including some big names like Zapier, Personio, and JIRA.
  • So, whether you’re planning your team’s holiday schedule or syncing your latest project tasks, helloHQ has got your back.

Talking to Agency Hackers News, Mick explained the idea behind the system: “Typically agencies are using maybe four of five different tools. But I am able to say that you can have all of those subscriptions in one system on a completely functional level.”

“So they think ‘right okay but to what level of detail’ and we can say, to the detail that you need to and it’s also in live time.”

“I showed one person a product demonstration – he wasn’t in the market for a new system because he thought he had everything. But after about 15 minutes he said ‘I thought I had what you have, but now I can clearly see I don’t’.”

The main problems that Mick finds agency leaders have with tricky ERP systems are:

  • It can be hard to use – so teams don’t adopt it. But agency leaders need this kind of data to be able to accurately deliver and pitch projects to new clients, otherwise you will be “flying half blind”
  • It can be clunky to integrate with other software. Agencies tend to be using a number of different kinds of software (CRM, accounting, timestamping) and if the ERP doesn’t fit seamlessly, it can mean a lot of wasted time opening new systems and training staff
  • Setting up a good ERP can take a long time

So Everii took things into their own hands by creating helloHQ.

Mick said: “We have made it really easy to use, so I could give someone a copy of it and by the end of the day they would know know how to use 80% of it. You can just click around and explore.

“It also connects with 80% of tools that agencies already use. So that’s the value of HelloHQ:

  • “It’s easy to use, it’s easy to implement, and we help our customers migrate everything onto the system.”

“I can just open it up in the morning with a cup of coffee and immediately know what my day is and what’s in the pipeline.”

“We reduce the total surface area of software that a good agency needs to run a profitable business. Having a single all-in-one tool is going to save time and avoid losing data by moving across multiple tools every day.

“Time, people, budgets, projects, offers, invoices – all that needs to be seamlessly together, and in real-time.”

And another huge thing for helloHQ is ‘happy agencies’ and making sure that they get what they need from the software. Mick added: “Creative agencies have enough to think about, without having to invest time in resource planning and performance monitoring. We help agencies optimise for profit, by making the boring tasks easy, in one tool and in real-time.”

You can contact Mick here to find out more about helloHQ.

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