Propaganda Unveils Fresh Brand Identity for AllBright Women’s Network

4 months ago

The team worked with the women’s collective to create the brand refresh

A Leeds based agency has helped the world’s largest collective of women in business with a huge rebrand.

Propaganda created the comprehensive rebrand for AllBright, with the aim being for unite the three divisions under on strong brand. The brand refresh also marks AllBright’s first OOH campaign, with creative displays on London billboards.

AllBright started as a women’s members club in Mayfair. Since 2018, it has expanded to offer online learning, digital networking and events, providing women with a platform to cultivate their ambition, with a global brand reach of 2.8 million on a monthly basis. Its most recent addition, AllBright Alliance, expands its support to businesses with the aim to co-create a future of work where all genders thrive, creating unlimited possibilities for all careers.

Alliance partners include HSBC, Spotify, Chelsea FC Women, Adidas, LG and Goldmans Sachs. The five-story flagship Mayfair club remains the epicentre for a hive of activity celebrating diversity, innovation and creativity, encouraging personal development and professional success. 

AllBright approached Propaganda to help strengthen and unify its three distinct divisions under one brand. Brand Discovery™ – Propaganda’s award-winning consultancy programme – revealed a discrepancy between the way women’s networks speak about success, and the way women actually feel. 

Tom Fowler, Strategy Director at Propaganda, explains: “From our research, it was clear that ambition has become a very loaded term for working women – something they feel pressured to aspire towards, yet a concept that feels very constraining and often means sacrificing family and work life balance.

  • “AllBright’s opportunity was to redefine how its members see ambition and transform the working world for women from bottom up and from top down. Rather than simply giving women a seat at the table, AllBright needed to create a new table.”

The resulting rebrand to ‘redefining ambition’ repositions AllBright as the world’s largest women’s network, working to transform ambition, empower its members and supercharge businesses to be more equitable and inclusive. The spirit of collaboration that is at the heart of AllBright runs through the creative.

AllBright’s opportunity was to redefine how its members see ambition and transform the working world for women from bottom up and from top down

Tom Fowler

Viv Paxinos CEO of AllBright said: “With our new creative direction, we are celebrating the resilience, tenacity, and brilliance of women who are unapologetically ambitious. Together with our members, we are reclaiming ambition, shaping our own destinies, and making a profound impact not just in our lives, but in the world of business and beyond.”

Laura Kynaston, Managing Director at Propaganda said: “Building brands with purpose has long been at the forefront of what we do at Propaganda. Our history transforming organisations such as GenM (now the menopause partner for the UK’s biggest retailers), put us in a unique position to be able to integrate the three strands of AllBright’s business – ultimately creating something greater than the sum of its parts and whose impact will be felt for generations to come.”

Throughout November, the OOH campaign will feature on electronic billboards in key commuter locations across London such as Shoreditch, Battersea, Islington, Waterloo and Mayfair.

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