New Study Reveals Almost 50% of Business Leaders Call for a ‘Clearer Vision’ to Tackle Business Challenges

8 months ago

Born Ugly’s latest study indicates organisations often treat brand visions and missions as box ticking exercises, overlooking their true purpose

New research has revealed that agencies are resisting changes to the C-suite, despite the continuous changing business landscape and rise of new technology.

Born Ugly has released its latest study and it sheds light on the way that many business leaders are feeling in 2023. The data shows that over a third (37%) of respondents feel that a ‘lack of innovation and creative thinking’ is the biggest internal barrier when overcoming business challenges.

A number of responses collected in the data said that ‘a fear of taking risks’ and ‘unwillingness to move with the times’, showing that this barrier is really being felt amongst leaders. 33% of respondents believe that ‘doing things the way they always have’ has also been a big barrier in overcoming challenges – it also highlights the fear of change and taking risks across the C-suite.

Born Ugly have released new data
The report sheds light on the feeling of agency leaders

The survey polled 100 C-Suite leaders on their attitudes towards internal and external barriers standing in the way of change, and what exactly was needed to help overcome them. It also asked them about creative problem solving as an approach to overcoming business challenges.

As technology continues to improve rapidly and the social and economic landscape remains uncertain (a concern that was shared by 46% of respondents), it can be easy for a business to find itself stuck, stalling growth and losing out on deals to more innovative competitors.

Almost half (42%) of leaders said that they felt a clearer brand vision and mission would be the best vehicle to overcome business challenges – a number stated that brand visions and missions are often dated and become unfit for purpose over time. Born Ugly also found that there is ‘an appetite for radical change’ with the data showing that two thirds (66%) believed unconventional problem solving could be a risk with taking.

Despite the report showing some apprehension towards creative approaches, 44% of leaders did acknowledge that innovative solutions could give them a stronger competitive advantage.

Challenging the ‘old way is the best way’ mentality means giving unlikely ideas a chance, which ultimately can pay off

Sarah Dear

Sarah Dear, CEO and Co-Founder at Born Ugly, said: “The data we’ve gathered supports the notion – somewhat unsurprisingly – that many businesses need to step away from what they have been doing for years and shake it up in order to keep up with the demands of an ever-changing world.

“This is particularly pertinent during the turbulent times we’re living through – the results highlight that agility and creativity is needed to successfully overcome business challenges.

“By thinking about problems creatively, businesses can find their own space in a crowded, turbulent market, and define and differentiate their organisation. Challenging the ‘old way is the best way’ mentality means giving unlikely ideas a chance, which ultimately can pay off.”

Further insights from the survey are shared and discussed in depth in Born Ugly’s recent report – “Ugly ideas, beautiful outcomes: Why C-suite challenges need more creative thinking”.

To download the full report, visit here

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