Great Agencies Growth Index Top 50 Revealed

3 months ago

Agency Hackers has announced the Great Agencies Growth Index Top 50

Agency Hackers has just unveiled their Great Agencies Growth Index Top 50.

Spotlighting the agency leaders (and team members) who have taken their teams to the next level, everyone on the list has not just aimed for growth – they have achieved it.

Kate Ross, the MD at eight&four and a regular at Agency Hackers events, sifted through the nominations to spotlight the top 50. Below are her top picks.

Not only have some amazing names in the industry been celebrated with the Top 50 list – £5 for each nomination has been donated to charity. Gympanzees was specially selected by Kate Ross. The money will help them to continue to provide fun fitness opportunities for children and young adults with special needs.

Great Agencies Growth Index Top 50

  • Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
  • Adam Smith
  • Alex Holliman
  • Grace Carter
  • Sadie Groom
  • David Gilroy
  • Arham Khan
  • Ben Foster
  • David Guy
  • Emily Ashby
  • Matt Pyke
  • Danni Osborne
  • Gareth Morgan
  • Guido Ampollini
  • Ian Fannon
  • Barrington Reeves
  • Shannie Mears
  • Beth Crowe
  • Jody Milton
  • Matthew Spillings
  • Stelios Pardalakis
  • Amanda Easter
  • John Keating
  • Jordan Rutland
  • Paul Court
  • Matt Ville
  • Liam Grogan
  • Tom Shurville
  • Jeremy Taylor
  • Becky Hopkin
  • Nick Braund
  • Chris Hammond
  • James Gadsby Peet
  • Sukhi Dehal
  • Becky Simms
  • Pete Heslop
  • Adam Mobley
  • Sam Fenton-Elstone
  • Rupert Rixon
  • Russell Jones
  • Syamsul Rozmey
  • Andy Ferret
  • Alistair Fitch
  • Simon Wright
  • Oliver Elmes
  • Domenica Di Lieto
  • Chris Ailey
  • Jaye Cowle
  • Todd Welling
  • Emily Long

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