Driftime’s Game-Changing Team Structure: Straight Road to Success

1 month ago

Abb-d Taiyo, Driftime co-founder, discusses how he fosters of trust and respect within his team

In an era where traditional corporate hierarchies dominate, Driftime, a company renowned for its ethical and purpose-driven approach to design, is charting a different course. 

Founded by Abb-d and Sara Taiyo, Driftime has embraced a linear team structure that emphasizes trust, accountability, and a collective drive towards meaningful impact.

Abb-d Taiyo, reflecting on his journey from disillusionment in the agency world to establishing Driftime, shared: “We knew a lot of how not to do things…for us, it was how we use design to contribute towards change in the world?” 

This ethos has been central to Driftime’s operational model, where a flat team structure allows for creativity and innovation to flourish without the constraints of traditional hierarchies.

We actively encourage them to learn things and apply them in a way that gives room for failure

Abb-d Taiyo

In Driftime’s model, every team member is given the responsibility and freedom to own their projects. “The structure is flat. So everyone has their own element of responsibility. We actively encourage them to learn things and apply them in a way that gives room for failure” Abb-d explained, “This environment fosters a culture of mutual trust and respect, where failures are seen as stepping stones to learning and growth.”

Trust, as Abb-d highlighted, is a cornerstone of Driftime’s philosophy. 

“It’s super important. For team members as well as clients…we trust them, we give them room to fail whilst mitigating bigger risks” he shared. This approach not only motivates impactful results for client partners, but also the team by building a strong, cohesive unit capable of tackling complex challenges with innovative solutions.

Driftime’s hiring process reflects its commitment to this linear structure, focusing on individual drive and potential over conventional metrics like CVs. Abb-d emphasised the importance of an in-depth hiring process to ensure new hires align with the company’s culture, ethos, and high degree of trust.

  • “We have a robust hiring process… one that’s more a case of making sure we truly understand the person we are hiring.”

The company’s openness also extends to client relations, where honesty and transparency are key. Abb-d stated: “It’s communicating everything;  explaining that we are going to try these things, and to trust us in collectively getting results.” 

This approach might not suit every new prospect, but has proven effective for those aligned with Driftime’s values and a long term mindset patient enough for the right kind of success.

Driftime’s adoption of a linear team structure exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to business that prioritises ethical considerations, creative freedom, and meaningful impact alongside traditional profit-driven models. 

As businesses worldwide seek to navigate the complexities of the modern world, Driftime’s approach offers a compelling blueprint for success built on trust, accountability, and a shared commitment to change.

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