Code Computerlove Celebrates New Tech Client Wins

6 months ago

The Code team has expanded its client roster


A Manchester based design and innovation agency is celebrating new client wins.

Code, part of EssenceMediacom North, clients have meant that the agency’s portfolio in the science and health sectors has expanded. 

FedByBlue is a US science-based communications initiative established by three veterans to change how people consume food from the ocean, helping consumers make more sustainable choices. Code has been commissioned to develop a web application to run alongside a recipe book and a three-part documentary series, which will air in the US in the summer of 2024 and internationally in 2025.  

It’s more important than ever for people to look after their health and wellbeing and be supported by their friends and family when needed.

James Ingham

Jennifer Bushman, Co-Founder of FedByBlue said: “Code will play a pivotal role in the development of the platform, which we hope will change how people make responsibly sourced choices for which blue foods they choose when shopping and eating out. The global campaign will start in North America first – our core objective is to cultivate and curate a list of retailers, restaurants and content that will help empower people to help protect and participate in a responsible blue food system.” 

Code has also been selected as a UX and design partner for Science & Engineering Applications Ltd (Scienap) to enhance Care & Respond, an app that allows individuals and their support network to work as equal partners with the NHS and social services.   

Code will partner with Scienap to develop new user-centred experiences that ensure the public can quickly and easily access the specific services they need when they need them.  

James Ingham, Founder at Scienap said: “With the NHS and social services currently under extreme pressure and wait times for GP appointments, operations and even ambulances at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever for people to look after their health and wellbeing and be supported by their friends and family when needed.   

“Code will help us to design intuitive and highly accessible user experiences for a wide range of features within Care & Respond. This will allow us to create high-impact solutions that deliver better outcomes for the public, NHS and other care providers.”   

Gemma Handley, Managing Director at Code said: “It’s an exciting time to work with these industry leaders and help them solve real problems, from ambulance waiting times in the NHS to enabling planet-changing behaviours. We look forward to enhancing their experiences and brand touchpoints that help these businesses better meet the needs of their users and customers.”

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