Good Agencies Roadshow: Agency Leaders Gear Up to Discuss Ethical Growth, B-Corp, and Sustainable Strategies

8 months ago

The Good Agencies Roadshow will be full of helpful

As anticipation builds for the upcoming Good Agencies Roadshow, many agency leaders who will be attendance have been talking about what kind of topics they are hoping to learn more about at the anticipated event.

A lot of people share the same interest in the B-Corp journey, agency growth and the challenges of aligning business expansion with social responsibility. There seems to be a common theme with agency leaders at this years roadshow- wanting to hear more about other peoples journeys, obstacles and hopes for the future.

One agency owner who will be in attendance has shared their experiences of the changing world of agencies. They recently downsized, began freelancing and are now re-starting their journey of hiring people, so are looking forward to connecting with people who have had similar journeys.

There has also been expressed interest in their drive towards being a B-Corp certified agency. Something that another attendee has expressed their pride in achieving earlier this year- but they also admitted that the process brought to light areas of potential improvement, especially concerning their environmental impact.

So it isn’t surprising that a recurring theme in the conversations leading up to the roadshow is the curiosity about the B-Corp concept. Some are simply intrigued and others are wanting to understand the true value without the “mirrors and smoke machines.”

This sentiment resonated with many others who are looking for a broader perspective on sustainability, with one attendee saying: “We’re on a journey to build our sustainability strategy, and we need to focus on the bigger picture.”

Many agencies reported challenges in client acquisition, for example, some say that relying solely on word of mouth has led to inconsistent business.

Culture is built one awkward conversation at a time

Roadshow attendees are also hoping to connect with people to share opinions on remote working and four days weeks. One agency in attendance says it has seen significant benefits from changing up the work week, noting that the team are now happier, healthier and more motivated.

Another topic that people hope will be on the agenda is agency obstacles, both past and present. A leader noted the challenges of renting a co-working space that failed to resonate with their team. But through collective responsibility, they overcame this hurdle by building a new workspace that reflected their team’s needs. They emphasized, “Culture is built one awkward conversation at a time.”

The upcoming Good Agencies Roadshow promises to be a melting pot of ideas, strategies, and lessons from the trenches. Find out more and book tickets here.

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