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Agency Hackers: State of the Nation

Across the agency sector, everybody is always wondering how everyone else is doing.

And often, agencies that are doing well are keeping quiet on social media, so it’s kind of hard to tell what’s really going on!

So, what’s the temperature of the independent agency sector? How is new business? How is the team?

You can share your hopes, your concerns, and compare notes with other independent agencies.

⏰ 11am, Friday 3rd September 2021

BIG FISH: How We Landed Google in Three Months

Landing a big brand is something to celebrate, especially when you land them in less than three months.

This was the achievement of Nucco, a digital-first content strategy agency, led by creative partner and founder, Stefano Marrone

Google were using five different companies to produce VR training of the highest level. After a low budget test project, they brought in Nucco to bring all of these components under one umbrella.

Landing such a huge client should have been exciting for Stefano and his team. While it was a huge coup (they’re now on their fifth collaborative project with Google) he admits the excitement doesn’t last too long – he’s always looking forward to the next step.

Come along and hear more about how Stefano landed such a huge name – and what it means for an agency’s success.

⏰ 11am, Wednesday 8th September 2021

Client Services Mastermind

2pm, Wednesday 8th September 2021

Calling all client services heroes! Join our monthly session for anybody with client services or account management responsibility. Drop in and meet other people doing your job at different agencies.

HR / People Mastermind

11am, Thursday 9th September 2021

Calling all ‘people people’. Join our monthly hangout for HR and people folk. Share what you’re working on and meet other people in your role at different agencies.

OPEN SOURCE: Reddico’s Culture Journey

Reddico always strived to create a fun place to work. However, as the agency grew, this became much harder.

In this Open Source session, we’ll be delving into the SEO agency’s culture and how it has evolved over the last decade.

From formulating a culture ‘manifesto’ to becoming a self-managed agency, Reddico’s focus on culture has been a key part of its growth and success.

Join this session to hear more from Reddico’s head of culture, Luke Kyte, all about what a fun workplace really is, challenging traditional business processes, and creating an equitable business structure.

⏰ 11am, Tuesday 14th September 2021

Operations Mastermind

2pm, Wednesday 15th September 2021

This one is for the operations folk amongst you to check-in and compare notes with process people at other agencies.

HAMSTER WHEEL: “I’m Like a Non-Exec at My Own Company”

After six years controlling everything at Curated Digital, Simon Douglass realised he wanted to focus purely on sales.

“I knew something in me wanted to step down from the doing, because I’d always been doing the doing,” he says. 

“I was thinking, ‘Right, I actually need somebody to do this because I can’t do this, and I want some of my life back.’ I’m in my mid-40s, I’ve got two young kids, and I was in control of everything – but I didn’t want to be.”

He hired an account director and put a team in place to run the business for him – but he struggled with this once it was underway.

“Suddenly, I felt a bit useless,” he admits. “I didn’t know my place at all. It was a period of self-discovery. What do I do now? Where can I add value?”

Join us to hear all about Simon’s steps off (and back on) the hamster wheel, and the emotional journey he went on to get to this point.

⏰ 10am, Thursday 16th September 2021

Finance Director Mastermind

11am, Friday 17th September 2021

This is our monthly session for anybody in an agency finance role. Swap stories and get advice from other people doing a CFO, Finance Director or similar role in an agency.

EOS 4: The “Issues” Component

Are you interested in EOS – the Entrepreneurial Operating System that a lot of agencies use to run their business? 

Join us to hear about one of its most important components: issues.

“Issues can be both positive AND negative,” she explains. “It can be hopes and dreams, it can be something you can leverage, or something you need to solve and fix. It’s all about prioritisation, working as a team and identifying the root cause of an issue.”

As usual, we’ll be joined by Julia Langkraehr, certified EOS implementer and CEO of Bold Clarity.

And when it comes to discussing and solving a problem, it’s important to look forward rather than dwelling on the past.

“We talk about issues and discuss solutions only – and then go on to solve them,” says Julia. “Sometimes, we push things aside that we don’t want to make an immediate decision on today, so this focus helps to get to know and deal with issues we need to then and there.”

⏰ 3pm, Monday 20th September 2021

TRAINING SESSION: How to Get Your New Biz Moving

New business is key for an agency to grow and thrive.

But how can you get the ball rolling?

Steve Fair and Matt Broughton run Sponge NB, which specialises in agency growth and helping agencies find high-quality new business opportunities.

“There’s a few things agencies can do themselves TODAY that can get their new biz moving,” says Steve.

From email outreach and strategy to full-service business development, Steve and Matt are the experts. These are just some of the things they’ll be talking us through:

  • How to get your database in shape. 
  • When to use creds – and when not to.
  • Understanding the cold channel.
  • What to do face-to-face – whether you’re a born salesperson or not

In this training session, Steve and Matt will help you iron out your new biz creases with actionable tips you can use as soon as the session ends.

⏰ 10am, Tuesday 21st September 2021


When you’re considering your agency exit strategy, there’s a lot to choose from.

For Torchbox, a digital product agency for non-profits, an employee ownership trust (EOT) was the perfect fit.

As always, there’s a lot of legal stuff to go through, including valuing the business – something that usually would come from prospective offers in a trade sale.

Torchbox set out on its EOT journey with the aim of implementing changes within the standard five-year window. However, by May 2022 they’ll have completed the process, taking them to just two and a half years.

Join us as we talk to James Leavesley, Torchbox’s MD, about their EOT adventure and why it was the right fit for them – it might even be the right fit for your agency, too.

⏰ 11am, Wednesday 22nd September 2021 

Marketing & New Business Mastermind

2pm, Wednesday 22nd September 2021

This is your chance to check in with other marketing and new business minds and see what everyone’s up to.

CLIENT SIDE: Moonpig’s Sasha Watson

What do clients love – and hate – about working with agencies?

In our monthly Client Side session we’re joined by Sasha Watson, People Director at Moonpig.

You’ll be able to ask Sasha the questions you’ve always wanted to ask clients, but been too afraid to ask. 

⏰ 2pm, Thursday 23rd September 2021

LinkedIn: Personal Branding for Agency Leaders

11am, Friday 24th September 2021

This is your monthly chance to come together and share what has and hasn’t been working for you on LinkedIn – and get support from others if you’re keep to up your LinkedIn game.

HIVE MIND: “How Can You Prepare for Losing a Big Client?”

Realistically, we’re all going to lose a big client or two.

But how do you prepare for that hit?

“We started Immediate Future in 2004, and within a couple of years I’d won the account to do all the digital PR for a big name,” says Katy Howell, the agency’s CEO. “We continued that work for six years, but then they took their European HQ global, and we were let go. It was a bloodbath.”

So, what is the best way to prepare for losing a big client? 

How can you focus on recovering your business, and what emotional support do you need to get you through? 

And, in Katy’s words: ‘What the fuck do you do in that situation?’

Join us along with the rest of the Agency Hackers gang to share your experiences and help Katy plan for any future chaos.

⏰ 10am, Tuesday 28th September 2021 

ROBOWRITING: Should You Be Using AI Copywriting?

How are agencies actually using AI? Technology can help us do our jobs better. But can it also do our jobs FOR us?

Since using AI in her agency, Charli Hunt and the team at Proof Content have:


  • Created 500 pages of content in two days – this resulted in a 120% increase in SEO traffic within three months.
  • Come up with new and inventive ideas for slogans, taglines and ad copy for clients.
  • Reduced research time by 20% for basic content articles.
All this and more has meant that Charli’s agency has a USP many others don’t. In this session we’ll be discussing how agencies are harnessing the power of AI and using it to their advantage.

, Wednesday 29th September 2021

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