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11am, Friday 22nd May 2020

Rebuilding shareholder value in a new world of M&A

How has Covid impacted the M&A environment today and what are the dynamics we can expect to see over the next 3, 6, 12 and 36 months? Does Covid mean the end of “exits”? Waypoint Partners is a leading growth and corporate finance advisory firm, working with shareholders and their leadership teams in the marketing services industry to grow and realise value.

Join Miles Welch and Jim Houghton and get your M&A questions answered.

1.30pm, Tuesday 26th May 2020

Crisis Prevention: How to Survive the Next Six Months

Question: does your business have the "right to exist"? Alastair Dryburgh is a turnaround expert. He will share five questions to ask yourself as you crawl out of the rubble and we start to get a handle on what's next.

3.30pm, Tuesday 26th May 2020

Emerging Stronger

Are there ways in which your business could emerge from the lockdown in better shape than before?

Aaron Rudman-Hawkins runs The Evergreen Agency. He says that during the lockdown he's been working on his agency – and he feels more confident than ever.

"We've grown our team, and acquired new SEO and PPC clients. We also have a much slicker business – we've been forced to refine (in some cases overhaul) our systems and processes."

We'll talk to Aaron – and the other agency leaders dialled in – about reasons to be optimistic.

2pm, Friday 29th May 2020

Making Your Agency Podcast Work

Podcasting is like sex in high school: everybody’s talking about it, but nobody’s really doing it.

James Bishop helps people start and run their own podcast. He says that 93% of people give up after seven episodes. "They find that it isn't as much fun, they didn't get any traction, it's hard to find guests, it's time consuming."

In this session James will deliver his "10 Commandments of Podcasting" – showing you how to run a podcast that gets traction and doesn't become another abandoned podcast project.

2pm, Thursday 4th June 2020

Legal surgery with Richard Maloney

The last thing you need right now are legal problems.

Whether it's thorny client contracts, staffing issues or landlord problems – a legal battle is a fight you can probably ill afford. What can you do to protect your agency from litigation? Richard Maloney is a lawyer with plenty of agency experience – he has offered to run a pop-up legal surgery for Agency Hackers members. Bring your questions and get perspectives.

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