June 2021 at Agency Hackers

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How to Reinvent Your Agency Newsletter

It’s a cliché because it’s true: people do business with those they know and trust.

Today, one of the best ways to build rapport and intimacy with your clients and prospects is to send a regular email newsletter. 

But there’s a very good chance you’re approaching them all wrong.

In this session we’ll cover:

  • How to write emails people will enjoy. (You don’t create a lasting relationship by scratching the little itch you THINK somebody has. You have to scratch the big itch you KNOW they have – because everybody has them.)
  • How to produce an email newsletter that people will forward to their colleagues.
  • How to create ‘silent fans’ who will come to you when they’re ready to work with you. 
  • What to write about, even when you think you don’t have anything new to talk about.

There is no creature that cannot be lured into a trap with the right bait.

Join this session and come away with a clearer picture of how you can make your email newsletter stand out.

⏰ 11am, Wednesday 2nd June 2021


On The Tools: What is Your Marketing Tech Stack?

Marketing isn’t necessarily a ‘technology problem’ – but having the right tools can sure make prospecting easier. (And much more likely to get done!)

  • So, what software should you be using?
  • How are you finding leads, approaching them, and following up?
  • What systems are you using to stay focused and keep on top?

It’s very common for agencies to seek one solution to run everything. 

But usually that doesn’t exist. It’s normally several tools Sellotaped together. 

In this session, we’ll be sharing what software and processes we’re using for each stage of the marketing funnel, and what works best for you.

⏰ 11am, Friday 4th June 2021

HUNTING GROUND: How Do You Win Your Dream Clients?

Everyone has a dream client list – but how do you hunt them down and convert the dream into reality?

Sadly, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each agency has its own tried and tested way of fishing for new biz.

Perhaps you entice them with your savvy social media presence, or work with similar brands in the hope of a warm referral.

You might even do cold prospecting, or in wilder scenarios, throw out bait to reel them in by showing them exactly what you could be doing for them.

Whatever your approach, we’ll be discussing what works for you in this session – and sharing what hasn’t been so successful too. Don’t be afraid to share a few secrets!

If you’re looking to switch up your new biz strategies to target a dream client, this will be mighty useful for you.

⏰ 2pm, Monday 7th June 2021

Client Services Mastermind

2pm, Wednesday 9th June 2021

Calling all client services heroes! Join our monthly session for anybody with client services or account management responsibility. Drop in and meet other people doing your job at different agencies.

RISING UP: From Launch to £4m in Less Than Two Years

Even before launching her business, Carrie Rose knew the importance of having a personal brand when you’re an agency leader.

“We spent a long time building up a personal brand and our social following, so when we launched the agency, all we had to do was tweet,” says the CEO and co-founder of super-savvy SEO agency, Rise at Seven.

And they don’t do things conventionally.

“We don’t have a sales team, we don’t do outbound, and I will never drop into the DMs of a dream brand,” says Carrie. “What we do instead is put out bait for them to come to us.”

For instance, rather than get in touch with IKEA, a bucket-list client, instead they pulled together a spoof advert for a Bernie Sanders-inspired chair. The post quickly went viral, resulting in IKEA’s marketing manager getting in touch.

 “I use these strategies constantly to attract clients and staff. And we always share exactly what we do and how we do it. They say a rocket scientist could give you a blueprint, but you’re never going to build a rocket like them – that’s ultimately our process,” says Carrie.

Join this session to hear more about how Carrie’s agency has become such a roaring success on the SEO scene in such a short space of time.

⏰ 2pm, Thursday 10th June 2021

HR / People Mastermind

11am, Friday 11th June 2021

Calling all ‘people people’. Join our monthly hangout for HR and people folk. Share what you’re working on and meet other people in your role at different agencies.

LEARNING CURVE: Everything Had to Change for My Agency to Grow

As an agency, you’re always striving to grow, grow and grow some more.

But when things become stagnant, how do you freshen the place up?

For Aaron Rudman-Hawkins, it meant a complete overhaul.

“We realised if we were to grow beyond £750k and become a seven-figure business in the next year or two, everything needed to change,” explains the CEO of The Evergreen Agency.

But despite it being all change behind the scenes, the agency has had its most successful and productive quarter in its history – including winning some of its biggest ever contracts. 

It seems this learning curve has paid off so far.

“We’re still very much figuring things out, but we’ve already come a long way,” says Aaron. “The difference is like night and day.”

Come along to hear Aaron share the importance of change on his agency’s prospects, and how some drastic decisions helped boost his agency further up the growth charts.

⏰ 2pm, Tuesday 15th June 2021

Operations Mastermind

2pm, Wednesday 16th June 2021

This one is for the operations folk amongst you to check-in and compare notes with process people at other agencies.

How to Transform Your Agency’s Website

Making sure your agency’s website is up to date and looking the part can be a bit of a faff – and it’s usually the first thing to fall by the wayside.

“A lot of people start agencies because they’re creatives, not businesspeople, so they’re too busy doing client work instead,” says Robin Williams, managing director and co-founder of Data-Hive.

Robin has analysed and scored around 4000 agency websites to see what works and what doesn’t, especially when it comes to search and lead generation.

“In most reports I’ve done, a third of the data on these websites is dead,” he says. “And it’s very hard to make a website a destination that people come and take resource from – businesses that create a website that has a life of its own, attracting an audience, is sometimes a better way to approach it.”

Part of doing it right is thinking about exactly what you’re putting on your website in the first place – and the right words are only half the job.

“What I don’t think agencies quite grasp is that what makes a website really, really good when you read it is not actually the copy, but the fact that it’s talking to somebody very specific. It’s very clear about who, what, and therefore why, you should use them,” says Roland Gurney, founder and senior copywriter at Treacle.

We’ll be chatting to Robin and Roland all about the dos and don’ts of agency websites, and how you can transform yours from an eyesore to an engaging, useful resource.

⏰ 2pm, Thursday 17th June 2021

Finance Director Mastermind

11am, Friday 18th June 2021

This is our monthly session for anybody in an agency finance role. Swap stories and get advice from other people doing a CFO, Finance Director or similar role in an agency.

Making the Jump from A to B Corp

One of the most popular items on an agency wish list is to become a B Corp – but it’s not the easiest of tasks.

To make the transition as stress-free as possible, Tom Wilford co-created Gainly, a platform that equips agency leaders with all the right tools and insights to make the dream a reality.

As the process takes up so much of the time you would usually need to devote to your agency, Tom’s platform does the groundwork for you.

“What we do is take your initial score and do a gap analysis of where your points are and what tasks you need to do,” explains Tom. “We provide all the documentation and templates, so you have a personal roadmap.”

And with B Corps growing on average 28 times faster than normal companies, it’s definitely something to consider.

“Becoming a B Corp means there’s a better way for your business to be structured, and a better way you can actually focus, not just on profit, but on people and the planet. They call it the triple bottom line,” says Tom. “This means you look more attractive to employees and have an advantage winning new business.”

Come along and find out more about how your agency can start the journey along the B Corp path, and how Tom’s platform can help make the process a walk in the park.

2pm, Tuesday 22nd June 2021

State of the Nation

Across the agency sector, everybody is always wondering how everyone else is doing.

And often, agencies that are doing well are keeping quiet on social media, so it’s kind of hard to tell what’s really going on!

So, what’s the temperature of the independent agency sector?

To find out, we have a host of leaders joining to share what the last six months has been like, and how they’re finding things as we head into the summer. 

How is new business? How is the team? 

You can share your hopes, your concerns, and compare notes with other independent agencies.

11am, Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Marketing & New Business Mastermind

2pm, Wednesday 23rd June 2021

This is your chance to check in with other marketing and new business minds and see what everyone’s up to.

HIVE MIND: How Can I Cure My Agency’s ‘One Big Client’ Syndrome?

Making that big catch is momentous occasion – but what can you do to solve the problem of only landing one at a time?

Vicki Young, CEO and founder of Nalla, has been grappling with this over the last couple of years.

“We’ll win a big piece of work but then really struggle to get the next big client in the door. We’ve just not been able to have two big clients at the same time,” she explains. “How can I have more than one big client to keep the risk low but the value high?”

“There seems to be a trick to convincing people to hire you when the small team you’re presenting to them is already doing work on other projects. How do you do that without them sensing that you’re stretched, and that you’ll require a hiring drive to deliver?”

In this month’s Hive Mind session, come along with your stories and share what’s worked best for you when it comes to spinning several big plates at once – you might be able to take away some tips yourself.

⏰ 2pm, Thursday 24th June 2021 

LinkedIn: Personal Branding for Agency Leaders

11am, Friday 25th June 2021

This is your monthly chance to come together and share what has and hasn’t been working for you on LinkedIn – and get support from others if you’re keep to up your LinkedIn game.

Open Source: Simon Bollon Share’s Boutique’s Journey to Maturity

Simon Bollon runs Boutique.

We will take a close look at the key ups and downs of building and growing a successful business.

  • From growing fast and making money…
  • …to getting stuck and losing money…
  • …to reconfiguring the business and getting “the right people on the bus”.
  • The ‘one pager’ he uses to stay on course.

“A big thing for me was trusting in the process of ‘I don’t need to call that client. Somebody else will’,” says Simon. “So many agency leaders live with the fear that if I’m not doing it, we’re all going to die.”

“It’s understanding that fear and managing it.”

Join this deep dive into Simon’s business and see what principles you can pick up.

⏰ 2pm, Tuesday 29th June 2021

HUGE PROSPECTS: How Are You Hunting for New Business?

Agencies are always on the look-out for new business – but is your prospecting process really up to scratch?

Two people who know all about this and the best way to win those new leads are Katie Horvath and Lucy Snell, co-founders of Cherry Business Consulting.

“We’re very focused on lead generation and prospecting, so we’re always helping acquire new clients and kick off and build relationships,” says Katie.

So, what is stopping you from being successful? 

  • Have your cold channels reached freezing point? 
  • Are your current strategies tired and in need of a revamp? 
  • Is your proposition in need of being redeveloped?

Join this session and share your problems, advice, and experiences with Katie and Lucy – you might even come away with a whole new perspective on your prospecting process.

⏰ 11am, Wednesday 30th June 2021 

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