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2pm, Wednesday 3rd March 2021

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“You Don’t Need Talent to Create a Successful Agency”

  • As Tony Robbins says: “Success leaves clues.” So, what are the ingredients of a successful agency?
  • Andy Brown from etc Advisory will be sharing what he’s observed and what makes a successful agency
  • He says having talent is NOT a prerequisite

What are the things that successful agency leaders tend to have in common? Join this session to discuss the ‘hallmarks’ and traits of agency leadership success.

“I’ve seen incredibly talented people fail to realise the true potential of their business, and people who DON’T seem to stand out as founders create hugely successful business,” explains Andy Brown, founder of etc Advisory.

So, what ARE all successful agencies doing without fail? Andy believes there are five ‘remarkably simple’ boxes to tick, and if you manage all of them, you’re on to a winner.

“I genuinely believe that talent is not a prerequisite for an agency to be successful,” he says. “You can’t be consistently successful without tenacity, rigour, clarity, determination, the ability to listen – and a little luck along the way.”

Andy will be talking us through the things he’s observed over the years, and what practical changes you can make to achieve agency success.