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2pm, Monday 22nd March 2021

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What Is It Really Like to Be A Woman in An Agency?

  • This is a monthly session to discuss and share experiences of being a woman in an agency
  • We’ll discuss pros and cons of being a woman in the agency world, and the issues you’ve faced and overcome
  • Join and share your thoughts with this month’s moderator, Sarah Harris, managing director at Deeson

This is our monthly session to discuss what it’s like to be a woman in an agency, to share experiences and give advice on all manner of topics within the agency sphere and beyond.

Including men in these sessions was overwhelmingly popular with Agency Hackers members to help move these conversations forward – so we’ll be opening this up for EVERYONE from now on. 

Last month we focused on role models and looking out for other women in agencies. This month we turn our attentions to being kinder to ourselves in business.

Our moderator in March will be Sarah Harris, managing director at Deeson. She believes women should stop apologising for themselves.

“It’s important to give ourselves and those around us the permission to both succeed AND fail, rather than strive for perfection and apologise for not being ‘good enough’,” she explains.

We’ll be discussing the reasons why women hold themselves to such a high standard, but also sharing tips and thinking about how to celebrate success and failures in a healthier way.