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3pm, Wednesday 13th January 2021

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What Is It Really Like to Be A Woman in Charge?

  • Joined female agency leaders to chat about your experiences of leading agencies
  • Discussing the pros, cons and issues they’ve overcome in the process.

Only five FTSE 100 companies employ a female CEO.

While the gender balance in agencies might not be this extreme, female agency leaders are still in the minority.

“We have so many hormones, so we’re naturally emotional beings,” laughs Lisa Mandell, partner and board advisor at Waypoint Partners. “But it’s how you use that emotional intelligence to your advantage.”

“Actually, if you do, you can be very empathetic and authentic, and build really strong teams with strong relationships.”

However, it’s much easier said than done. “With female founders, we work on helping them be braver and [embrace] the mindset of ‘it’s okay to fail’,” says Lisa.

A lot of this is systemically ingrained, and sometimes it’s hard for women to feel confident stepping up ahead of men.

“[As women] you find the people you’re working for are usually men” she explains. “They’re very inspiring, but sometimes you end up being second in command. You’re always doing a hell of a lot, but you’re never the person to step up and take a leadership role.”

“With women, their thinking allows them to think they’re not good enough. It’s sometimes in our DNA to be more of a perfectionist, and sometimes I find men are braver in making mistakes. If people realise failing is fine, part of the learning curve, and embrace it, they’ll get there faster,” she says.

In this session we’ll be joined by several female agency leaders alongside Lisa to chat about their experiences of being a woman in charge, discussing the pros, cons and issues they’ve overcome in the process.