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2pm, Thursday 17th June 2021

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How to Transform Your Agency’s Website

  • Everybody hates their own website!
  • As an agency takes off, it’s normal for a website to be neglected, becoming a source of embarrassment for leaders
  • As a shop window into your agency, how can you transform it into something that truly represents you?
  • We’ll be chatting to Robin Williams and Roland Gurney about the things you should be focusing on to take your website to the next level

Making sure your agency’s website is up to date and looking the part can be a bit of a faff – and it’s usually the first thing to fall by the wayside.

“A lot of people start agencies because they’re creatives, not businesspeople, so they’re too busy doing client work instead,” says Robin Williams, managing director and co-founder of Data-Hive.

Robin has analysed and scored around 4000 agency websites to see what works and what doesn’t, especially when it comes to search and lead generation.

“In most reports I’ve done, a third of the data on these websites is dead,” he says. “And it’s very hard to make a website a destination that people come and take resource from – businesses that create a website that has a life of its own, attracting an audience, is sometimes a better way to approach it.”

“Actively updating things and building a community are usually what is missing. The ones doing it right are the ones that don’t do the more indirect sales approach – they give a lot of value up front, with the website built with a relationship in mind rather than just landing on the site.”  

And part of doing it right is thinking about exactly what you’re putting on your website in the first place.

“Do you really know what you’re doing with your website copy?” asks Roland Gurney, founder and senior copywriter of Treacle.

A lot of the work Roland does is around writing killer website copy, but also around brand proposition and strategy – the right words are only half the job.

“What I don’t think agencies quite grasp is that what makes a website really, really good when you read it is not actually the copy, but the fact that it’s talking to somebody very specific. It’s very clear about who, what, and therefore why, you should use them,” he says.

We’ll be chatting to Robin and Roland all about the dos and don’ts of agency websites, and how you can transform yours from an eyesore to an engaging, useful resource.