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Should you run your agency on ‘EOS’?

⏱️When: 11am, Tuesday 24th March 2020

?️ Join here: https://zoom.us/j/900374111

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Today, many successful agencies run using EOS – the ‘entrepreneurial operating system’. It’s a templated way to run and manage an agency. On this mastermind you will hear from agency leaders who are using EOS – and you’ll see whether EOS is something that could help your agency work better.

What is EOS?

  • EOS is an “off-the-shelf” operating model for running an agency.
  • It helps you plan what you’re going to do – and gives you a rhythm to follow as you and your team go out and do it.
  • EOS can sound very “American”. So it’s surprising how many down to earth, ‘tea-and-biscuits’ British agencies swear by it.

Who will you hear from?

Tom Head, Co-owner and director at LAB, which runs EOS.
Julia Langkraehr of Bold Clarity helps agencies implement EOS
Sukhi Dehal of 383 has adapted EOS to suit his agency.

What will I learn?

  1. You will learn why other agencies like EOS – and you’ll be able to decide whether it can help you.
  2. We are joined by Tom Head who uses EOS in LAB. And we’re joined by Sukhi Dehal who has adapted it for his agency 383. We’ll also hear from Julia Langkraehr, who has helped many agencies implement EOS.

How can I prepare for this webinar?

If you have time, I recommend reading the book Traction. It’s quite popular with agency leaders. (Sarat Pediredla from hedgehog lab mentioned it in an Agency Hackers talk recently. )You’ll understand what EOS is and you’ll be better able to ask specific questions.