War Room: What Is Your Commitment?

  • Each session follows a simple format
  • The tone is informal – but the structure is fixed
  • You’re there to listen and ask questions – not solve people’s problems

Each War Room session follows a simple format.

Everybody gets some time to speak, completely uninterrupted. When they’ve finished, others respond – but ONLy with questions.

War Room is based on these principles:

1) You probably already possess the resources, knowledge or ability to positively impact the situation you’re presenting.

2) It is not the responsibility of the listening team to “fix” the issues that are presented.

3)  There is always a choice being made.

The beauty of War Room is that you don’t have to have the answers. Embracing that creates an environment of genuine curiosity and growth potential.

Your only responsibilities are to listen, ask questions, and get curious about what’s really going on. Enjoy the freedom of not having to take on someone else’s challenge.