What is Agency Hackers: War Room?

Share challenges, assess opportunities and float ideas in confidence with other agency leaders

Welcome to Agency Hackers: War Room. You’re matched with friendly agency leaders running similar-sized businesses to yours – so the advice and wisdom that’s shared comes from a place everybody trusts and respect.

• You can share challenges

Perhaps your relationship with a colleague has broken down. Maybe you’ve noticed a quality issue, or you’re finding it hard to manage your workload. All of these topics and more are welcome.

• You can validate opportunities

Have you been offered a new opportunity in some area of work or life? Perhaps there’s an opportunity for growth in new market. War Room is just not for crises – it’s equally powerful for exploring opportunities and uncovering your thinking around them.

• You can float ideas

If you have an idea rolling around your head, there could be some value in bringing it to the group – no matter how fragile. Letting an idea evolve through questioning and reflection could kickstart something with potential – or discard an unhelpful whim.