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11am, Thursday 4th March 2021

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How Can You Be the Best Virtual Version of Yourself?

  • Agencies have been “video-only” for a year…
  • …but we still haven’t figured out virtual pitches and meetings
  • We’ll be talking to Catherine Allison, director of Master the Art, about how we can raise our game in remote pitches

Meeting and pitching virtually is now the norm – but have we been approaching it properly?

“You’ve got to work even harder to make an impact on the virtual stage,” says Catherine Allison, director of Master the Art.

This begins before the virtual meeting room has even opened.

“Be aware the meeting starts BEFORE the meeting starts, and make sure you’ve set your expectations,” she says. “Even if it’s just a meeting, you need to make sure people are turning up and know their cameras need to be turned on. A lot of businesses have slipped into a ‘cameras off’ culture which is really damaging.”

She also explains we need to be constantly aware of our virtual playing field.

“After 18 to 20 minutes, people reach their cognitive load,” Catherine explains. “People will start flagging, so you need to work even harder to engage and re-engage your audience.”

It’s of utmost importance to keep things simple.

“If you’re on screen, people are obviously looking at you, and even if they’re not doing it consciously, they see you as if you’re on telly, so you need to turn up with that in mind,” she says, “Think about simple language and messaging, short sentences, words and phrases, without feeling the need to show off.”

Catherine will be talking us through everything we need to know about being the best virtual versions of ourselves, how to distil our thinking for a virtual audience, and how you can use your body language and voice in a way that’s much more impactful on screen.