Why is ‘Selling’ a Dirty Word in the Creative Industry?

by | Feb 15, 2021

There’s always mileage in a creative idea. But when it comes to selling those ideas, why are we so bad at talking about money?

“I tend to find it comes from personal experience of how [creatives] have previously been sold to, and unfortunately, there’s lots of examples of people who don’t sell effectively as they don’t have a consultant’s approach to selling,” explains Russ Hope, of Plain Selling.

“Creative directors that set up agencies typically come from some kind of professional creative craft [background]. You’ve shown people how amazing your work is, you’ve got passionate about it, but have you ever actually sold it?”

A lot of the problems surrounding this are to do with not knowing how to sell effectively, but also underestimating the value of your work.

“I got in touch with a guy whose work was really good and told him we’d love to have him involved, and he came in with such a lightweight estimate,” says Russ. “He was really devaluing his unique experience, and how long it had taken him to put together his branding.”

“[Creatives] have value; they’ve got to understand how to articulate it and believe there really is value there,” says Russ.

In this session, we’ll talk all about the ‘icky-ness’ of money, the reasons why creatives find it so hard to sell themselves, and the right way to approach a sale.