What’s Happening on the Agency M&A Scene?

by | Nov 12, 2020

Are people still buying and selling agencies? What’s the market like right now?

Join the team at Waypoint Partners for an informal update on how the M&A scene is doing.

We’ll hear from them how:

## There is (still) a very active buyer market that’s not (yet) full of distressed agencies

There are more “non-traditional acquirers” buying agencies for the first time.(Sometimes they know what they’re doing, and sometimes they don’t. What do you need to watch out for?)

##There are more non-traditional deals being done.

Waypoint Partners has a great line of sight across the M&A landscape, so I thought it would be good to hop on a call with Jim Houghton and Matt Lacey to find out what’s occurring.

Join this and get clued up on who’s buying and who’s selling.