WHAT WOULD YOU DO? “How Can We Make Sales Everybody’s Responsibility?”

by | Mar 18, 2021

Question: How do you make sales everybody’s responsibility?

That’s the challenge that Ryan Bromley and the Good Innovation team are wrestling with.

Several years ago, Good decided to stop having its founders do all the selling and made new business a dedicated role.

But what they found was that sales felt like it ‘sat in the corner’ – quite separate to the rest of the agency.

Now, Ryan leads business development and growth at Good, and he and the team are wondering what a better way of doing it could look like.

Can you help?

“We want to get everybody involved in growing the business,” says Ryan. “When you only have one person accountable for relationships you naturally only have a small number of relationships.”
“I would like to see every member of the team proactively identifying sales and leads – not waiting for me to come to them and say I’ve got one.”
“I’d like to see everyone feeling ownership of achieving our growth targets. I’d like everyone to feel excited about playing a role in the growth of our agency.”
This is a REALLY common problem.

In this What Would You Do? session you can hear Ryan outline the situation – and then YOU can weigh in along with the rest of the Agency Hackers gang.