What is Life Really Like After Running an Agency?

by | Apr 30, 2021

We work for years and years to get into a comfortable enough position to throw in the towel – but what is life really like once you leave your agency and retire?

When Sandy Lindsay MBE decided to take one step back from Tangerine PR, she ended up taking at least two leaps forward.

“In 2017, we put Tangerine into employee ownership, and that’s when I stepped back. And at that time, I didn’t go out straightaway looking for non-exec roles, but the opportunities immediately came my way,” she explains.

Now the non-executive director of the Rugby Football League, Northcoders and Flock, still involved with the apprentice scheme she set up, The Juice Academy, continuing to chair the Tangerine board and more, life post-agency is still pretty hectic.

And this is when Sandy is supposed to be semi-retired…

“The difference with these roles is that this is my choice entirely now,” explains Sandy. “Don’t get me wrong, the pandemic has been stressful as Tangerine is still my baby. But many of the roles I’ve taken on, I could walk away from without causing people too much of a problem.”

“Mentally, it’s an entirely different scenario to running an agency that you own and that couldn’t run without you. There’s still stress involved, but it’s not my livelihood at threat. It’s a very different feeling.”

And not content with everything else on her plate, during lockdown she launched a new business, Vine Insights, with her Tangerine partners.

“I think when you’ve done so much in your working life, and you’ve been so busy, you just can’t stop,” she says. “I don’t know how people do it when they retire. My brain would atrophy – and I’d be pretty miserable too.”

It seems if you have a lifelong passion, you can continue living it in new, different ways, just like Sandy. She’ll be giving us an insight into life post-agency and telling us more about her new ‘semi-retired’ ventures.