WHAT A CLIENT WANTS: Do You Really Know What New Clients Are Looking for in an Agency?

by | Apr 16, 2021

Did you know that it usually takes 1-2 years to eventually win a client, and that many clients feel agencies play it too safe when pitching? Or perhaps you want to know the top three things that clients say they hate when you pitch to them?

Jonathan Kirk is here to tell you – and help you work out how to respond.

He’s just published Up to the Light’s seventh annual ‘What Clients Think’ report – and he’s going to take us through some of its fascinating findings.

“All the information is straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak,” says Jonathan, director of Up to the Light. “COVID has exposed things in terms of weaknesses in digital capacity, an increased percentage in clients not being worried about an agency’s location and increasing social media trends.”

The report is based on 580 client interviews on behalf of design agencies and is split into three sections: response to COVID, winning clients, and retaining and growing clients. It also includes what clients view as the main failings of virtual pitches, issues faced in new business presentations, and the most common client service problems that arise.

“It’s all about what is keeping clients awake at night, what their big challenges are, and about the clients’ perception of new business activity and client development issues,” explains Jonathan.

For example:

87% of clients believe that an agency’s location is relatively unimportant
73% of clients stated that digital transformation is a major business priority
66% of clients are shifting their budgets towards digital, particularly social media

We’ll be talking to Jonathan all about these stats and more, as he gets underneath the findings and explores the practical implications for agencies.