The “Fewer, Bigger Clients” Model

by | Feb 1, 2021

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Jake Third was one of four directors at Hallam, with equally shared responsibilities.

Now, he’s managing director.

Jake is doing two things you might find interesting.

Firstly, he moved Hallam to a ‘fewer, bigger clients’ model.

They discovered huge over-servicing in their smaller clients, so they switched focus on bigger ones. “We were wondering why our profit margins weren’t that high. It was the sheer level of inefficiency in the system from managing so many component parts,” he explains.

Secondly, he tackled a few culture problems.

“We needed to take a culture that was probably negative, and in a relatively short period of time win people over and get them focused.”

In this session, Jake will talk about changing leadership styles, reenergising and refocusing his team, and making his agency more effective – all in the middle a global health crisis.

Lots of good detail in here you can learn from.