June 18

Simon’s Cold Email Trick – Marketing Mastermind June 2020


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Simon’s Cold Email Trick – Marketing Mastermind June 2020

Simon Douglas, Founder of Shoreditch-based Curated, explains the tactics he uses to make his emails to prospective clients irresistible.

Simon explains that he sent up Curated six years ago, and in that time, they have worked mostly on PPC and other strategies in the digital marketing field.

He discussed that initially, when dealing with a new client, his agency would;

  • Ask clients for their business goals
  • Discuss their budgets
  • Bring in his team of specialists in social media, SEO, content, digital strategy, and that they would reply to a brief that way.

He suggested this method had always worked for his 11-person agency, and that they ‘had always done well to retain clients for long periods of time’.

Moving forward in time, Simon mentioned that Curated were increasingly ‘finding that a lot of prospective clients were having SEO and social media done in house’. He also came to realise that each time they pitched to a client, ‘they were producing an amazing deck of slides and giving away tonnes of value’ with no real return if they didn’t win the client.

In light of this, Simon and his team ‘decided to transition into a consultancy and really sell [their] value’.

After losing a big client, one that Simon revealed made up ‘40% of their revenues at the time’, Simon sent an email ‘he may not have sent if he were not young at the time’, but that has set the basis for his marketing strategy as it stands today.

He sent an email to a competitor of the big client he had just lost. He figured, his ‘team had gathered so much knowledge during their time working with their first client in this business, that why let it go to waste’. But he had a dilemma, how does he get the new client to open his cold email?

‘In the end I just wrote the subject as the name of the client who had stopped working with me’, ‘if somebody emailed me with my direct competitors’ email in the title then, I would probably open it’.

‘I have a plug in that tracks when emails are opened, I saw it was being opened a lot but had received no reply, around 3 weeks later I sent a follow up email, and they asked if I would like to come in for a chat’.

‘I thought I would have to do a pitch, but I didn’t they just took it from their other agency and gave it to me’, they liked what we could offer. ‘That client has been with us ever since.’

‘I think what does it, is an underlying intrigue about a competitor and how that strategy can work for this new company’.

He did suggest that the email ‘has to hit them in the right spot. In the first few lines of the template I use, I try to add value, telling them something that they could use for free, be that a tactic or inside information’.

‘I’m happy to write from the heart and be totally honest with the clients in these opening emails’.

In terms of a follow up email Simon commented that, ‘if you’re not getting a reply, send them a follow up email that says “just wondering whether you received my last email, and whether you would be free for a zoom at 3pm”, because most people won’t be able to resist replying to tell you they can’t make that time’.

He summarised that he always sends a follow up email because he would ‘rather have the no, than not know’.

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