Running an Agency with a Loved One

by | Jan 8, 2021

Some people wouldn’t dream of going into business with our partners or family members.

However, for some this has proven to be a successful formula for leading an agency.

“You understand the pressure and pleasure of the work and can share in it, support it and empathise,” says Angela Law, who has worked alongside partner Peter for over 14 years.

“Good ideas can happen at any time, when walking the dog, or washing up,” she says.
“You have a shared vision that can make decision-making and putting projects into action much quicker.”

It can also make the process of creating and delegating easier than working with someone brand new or unfamiliar – you’ve already skipped the ‘getting to know you’ step.

“You fully trust each other and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” explains Becky Simms, CEO of Reflect Digital alongside husband, Paul. “You can support each other in being in the right role.”

However, it does come with its fair share of problems.

For one, it’s hard to get out of work mode when you’re both in it together.

“No one tells you to stop working as you are both as addicted as each other,” says Becky.

This can lead to burn out and exhaustion, with tensions running high. That doesn’t sound like the best atmosphere to go home with…

In this session we’ll hear from several agency leaders, including Angela and Becky, who have made a success of working with a loved one. We’ll chat all about:

●Sharing the same vision and values
●Using your relationship to your agency’s advantage
●Setting clear boundaries between work and home life

Whether you run an agency with your partner, sibling or even your parents, this session will help you understand the complexities of running an agency close to home.