Recruitment Excellence: What We’ve Learned About Hiring

by | Jan 9, 2021

Not long into his new role, Glen Duncan thought that 383’s recruitment process could be improved.

“There wasn’t a uniform approach to the way talent was being screened and interviewed,” he says. “Then what you’d have is arguments and a whole load of indecision, and not actually working out who was right for the role.”

He’s since reframed things entirely, implementing phone-led skills screening and “top grading” to help find the perfect candidate.

“We ask them certain showstopper questions right at the start,” says Glen.
“That way we can abandon the interview after 10 minutes instead of wasting an hour talking to somebody who isn’t right.”
“We do a chronological walkthrough of every job they’ve ever done,” he explains. “It allows the candidate to reflect and respond at scale.”
This helps Glen and his team find positive patterns, and to understand what candidates did in each role, how successful they were, and how they’ve reflected on previous weaknesses and mistakes.
In this session, we’ll be chatting to Glen all about how agencies can create a warm welcome for new candidates (even virtually!), how to enhance your hiring processes, and the patterns to look for when hiring someone new.

This is a great one if you’re looking to gain some new hiring tips and tricks – and how best to welcome new hires in a virtual working environment.