July 15

“My agency JUST does PowerPoint”


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“My agency JUST does PowerPoint”

Lyndon began a start-up full-service agency doing bits of design, web and video. ‘We had really strong relationship with our clients, but we weren’t on companies preferred supplier list.’

‘We had pitched to work for L’Oréal 3 times and been rejected each time because we weren’t on the list. Then we had a call to say they wanted us to work on a PowerPoint for them. We mentioned that we weren’t on the preferred supplier list and they said that they didn’t have preferred supplier lists for presentations. This formed the basis of our business moving forward.’

To date, Lyndon has run 3 agencies with PowerPoint as their niche focus.

Lyndon’s company sit with a client to understand ‘the objectives of the presentation, the audience and the outcomes they want. We help them craft the narrative of the presentation and then we work on the design they are looking for. We create a bullet proof template, with around 90 features woven into the backend.’

‘Most clients come to us during a point of panic with the biggest pitch of their life. They are really easy to do business with. If you tell them that you can do it, price is no longer a problem.’

‘Our clients do really want a specialist when they have a big pitch. We are one of 4 or 5 providers in the UK, but being so niche we can be very precise with our keywords and PPC.’

‘We have been clear that no matter how good an opportunity sounds we won’t step outside of our niche, because it dilutes the entire business.’

‘Processes can be very defined, all client projects share a similar vein.’

‘We have to lie a little bit when we hire people. Very few graphic designers study for 3 years and train, to then design PowerPoints. We advertise the roles as Senior Graphic Designer roles.’

When asked about pricing, Lyndon suggests they work based on outcomes. ‘If a client has a pitch worth £1million, then we focus on that sum and say, “Would you spend £10,000 to get £1mil”, and most people will say yes.’

Being in a niche market Lyndon suggests he has clients who need one-off work whilst in panic, but they also ‘tend to convert these contracts into repeat or retainer relationships.’

On the topic of competition Lyndon notes that ‘there is more demand than there is supply. They use the first search and response and go with that.’

‘The niche model works really well for us.’

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