Making Your Agency Podcast Work

by | May 29, 2020

James Bishop shares his knowledge of what makes a successful podcast and how, when done well, they are a small part of a bigger landscape.

James shares his podcasting expertise on building an audience, creating an effective multi-channel experience and building characters across episodes. Suggesting that ‘ears are the new eyes’, James explains how to work for your listeners and cater to the right audience.

James Bishop of OneFinePlay – the business behind three chart-topping podcasts, including ‘KempCast’ ‘Fear Itself’ ‘Take Flight’, suggests that ‘podcasts can become a massive waste of time’ when not done well.

OneFinePlay offer an equipped studio on a session-by-session basis, provide a full-service production, in addition to post-production distribution.

James shares that ‘93% of people give up after 7 episodes’ ‘because either ‘it wasn’t fun anymore’, or they didn’t see the immediate response they were expecting.

James explains how OneFinePlay ‘started when [he] had the idea to become like the personal trainer in the gym, but for podcasting’ instead.

He describes how most ‘people tend to mis-judge the amount of work necessary post-production’, and that successful podcasts do a lot more than just record an audio file. He says they forget that ‘a story is built from a lot of other things aside from your audio’.

‘Podcasting is about brand-building, not selling’. ‘OneFinePlay works with brands with stories to tell and who have a sense of social purpose to share’.

He also explains that it isn’t all about the numbers. He notes that ‘the median number of podcasts listens, for all podcasts episodes ever made, is 125 listens – so if you’re getting upwards of 126 listens of an episode, you’re in the top 50% of all episodes ever downloaded’.

James suggests it is important to remember that podcasting is not just an interview, it should be about both participants, the host and the guest, holding equal shares of the weight. The host needs to build a relationship with the listener, he argues this is how you build a loyal audience. ‘Strong character development is paramount’.

The ‘so-what rule’ is a concept James suggests that anyone wanting to start a podcast should consider. ‘Most people start a podcast without ever really considering who would want to listen? Who cares about this?’

James discusses the importance of hosting live events so that fans can show their appreciation for the content you have produced, and how this can also be a technique used to strengthen that relationship.

When asked about which platforms to be on to maximise your podcast’s success, James suggests ‘all of them’, but also notes that as long as you’re on Apple, Spotify and Google podcasts, you’ll be fine’. Adding, ‘it is important to note that Youtube is probably the largest podcast player in the world’.

‘The best way to market your podcast, is to run adds in other podcasts, that will give you the biggest spike in results because you’re targeting people that are already listening to podcasts’.