LET’S PLAY: How Unleashing Your Agency’s Playful Side Can Help Boost Creativity

by | Apr 22, 2021

With a background in branding and design, Sam Griffiths set up his own business, Griffics, in order to share the potential of a playful mindset.

“I’ve done my best to invest my work with a playful spirit,” explains Sam. “Now, I want to share that approach and practice, as it’s massively valuable.”

But what can playfulness actually do for you and your employees?

“There are many benefits. Playful people tend to be more resilient, think more flexibly, and they’re more curious,” says Sam. “They generate lots of ideas and, as a result, better ideas. This can come from developing a practice of playfulness as individuals AND as a team.”

Most of the playful activities Sam swears by simply involve pen and paper, and some don’t require any materials at all. These kinds of activities help cultivate ways of turning off your inner critic and generating possibility.

And it doesn’t matter if you deem yourself a creative person or not – though spoiler alert: everybody is creative – as these activities help to draw the playful side out of EVERYONE.

“Getting people involved with these activities helps to demonstrate really simple ways they can bring playfulness into every aspect of the way they work,” Sam says.

“You can build them into your day, and also use them as icebreakers for brainstorming sessions. If you practice them and form a habit of playfulness, the benefits compound over time.”

Join us for a session with Sam to explore your playful side – all you need is some paper, a pen and an open mind.