September 17

How to Keep and Grow Your Agency’s Existing Clients


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How to Keep and Grow Your Agency’s Existing Clients

Why does winning a NEW client feel sexier than getting more work from one you’ve ALREADY bagged?

One day, Simon Rhind-Tutt got to work and found a memo from his agency’s chairman.

“I worked at a large international agency, and we were on the Gillette roster. A memo arrived telling us that instead of working on ONE of Gillette’s brands – we’d been given ALL of them. It was a massive piece of business worth millions.”

“The memo simply said: “Congratulations to all”.

Three days later, Simon got another memo.

“It said we’d just won the Alpine Double Glazing account – worth a couple of hundred grand – and there was to be an all-staff party to celebrate.”

“Even then as a junior account manager I thought: we’ve got this wrong. We’re celebrating winning a small piddly account that will probably bugger off in a year, rather than one of the world’s biggest clients giving us ALL of their business.”

Today Simon is one of the two founding partners at Relationship Audits, which helps agencies evaluate, solidify and grow their client relationships.

If you think your clients are loyal, Simon has some great stories that make you sleep with one eye open.

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