How Creating a Strong Brand Proposition Helped My Agency Thrive

by | Feb 23, 2021

Joe Perkins, MD at Chaptr, started to realise that his agency didn’t have a reason to justify their price point in competitive pitches – what they needed was a brand proposition.

“Everyone always talks about the fact you should niche but I’d always argued against it because I liked to keep our options open,” he explains. “But we needed to do something.”

This was solidified by an identity crisis midway through 2020.

“I got on a team call and asked, ‘Why are we doing this? Who do we want to work with? Who appreciates us? Who have we worked with in the past on projects we enjoyed?”

“It was quite serendipitous because I had a call with another agency owner who was a brand strategist, and he picked apart my argument as to why we shouldn’t niche,” says Joe. “I was left thinking, ‘he’s got me’. I asked him to send me some ideas for how we could help us if we decided we did want to create a brand proposition and be CLEAR about WHO we’re serving.”

Once they had a clear brand proposition, Joe started seeing opportunities everywhere and everything became focused.

“We had calls where clients said to us that we were the most expensive option, but it was really important they worked with someone who had done work in this industry before,” he explains.

There was a stronger sense of purpose for Joe and his team – and this has helped sales too.

We weren’t clear about who we were, what we did or who we worked with, so we changed our messaging, our case studies, and really put everything behind it,” he says.

“The sales process has been completely different, and it’s so much easier to talk about. Now, we feel confident we can justify a premium price point.”

Joe will be talking to us all about owning what you do, making sure you and your team are on the same page, and how a strong brand proposition helps to create tangible marketing strategies and win competitive pitches – even if you’re more expensive than your competitors.