Hacking Direct Mail for Fun and Profit

by | Oct 23, 2020

What if you could get new customers by sending them stuff in the post? Scribble Mail’s Lee Callender shares some ideas…

In 2013, Lee Callender was asked by a client of his mass mail company whether he could send a direct mail follow up to a customer. Whilst trying to print out the flyers, he had a problem with the printer and had to hire someone to handwrite the addresses on the envelopes. As a result of sending physical mail, Lee saw more success than on most of his other email campaigns and felt that maybe there was a business in this way of selling.

‘We played around with this for a while as a company and were sending out around 2500 envelopes a month. Then, in 2017 I met Ollie Luke and he had a company called Scribble Mail who were also sending out roughly the same number of envelopes. We joined forces and over the past 3.5 years our biggest campaign has been 85,000 envelopes a month. We work on thank you cards, outreach and one-off offers and they are really well-received.’

‘Most people cannot remember the last time they received a handwritten letter. If you had 10 pieces of mail and one was handwritten, which would you open first?’

Lee describes a campaign that saw incredible success and is one of the most exciting he has worked on. ‘I emailed those I was trying to target telling them that they were going to receive a bright red box the following morning. In the box I included an A4 page of our sales pitch and a mobile phone. The sales pitch told them that all they needed to do was press the green button twice and it was programmed to call me.’

Intending to drive people back to their website and have them request a call-back, Scribble Mail recently identified a target list based on current clients and then had a card printed with their logo on it.

‘We did this particular campaign with Centerparcs. We sent them a letter as if we were a customer that had just stayed. We sent this to every member of the Board of Directors and at the bottom of each letter attached a personalised link they could use to go to our website, i.e. scribblemail.co.uk/colin’

‘It gave us the opportunity to have conversations we wouldn’t usually have. We got in, we had a face to face meeting. We did a sample campaign with their Nottingham branch and it was really successful. We have plans to start with them in April and if it happens it will be over 300,000 pieces of direct mail a month.’

Lee explains that although a lot of companies are working from home and as such getting addresses can be hard, when he does get a response companies are much more receptive to the campaign.