DO UNTO OTHERS: Why It’s Important to Treat Your Agency Like You Treat Your Clients

by | Apr 29, 2021

As agencies, our work is our clients.

But while we go to great lengths for the people who are paying for our services, do we treat ourselves in the same way?

“Agencies get so busy delivering their work and looking after clients, which of course is always the priority, but they forget to treat themselves well too,” explains Katie Street, founder and agency new business expert at Street Agency.

Street helps agencies connect with new business – and making sure everything in-house is running smoothly and efficiently is a key part of making those connections a success.

“While we’re focused on new business and marketing, you mustn’t forget to market yourself. If you don’t treat yourself with the same care and attention, new business opportunities can quickly start to dry up,” says Katie.

Katie says that you should invest time and money into your own agency as at the end of the day, you are your most valuable client.

Simple things like making sure your creds and website are updated, to bigger agency-wide things like planning meetings, setting KPIs or creating (and sticking) to a 90 day plan, it’s important to keep your own house in check – and it’s also important for your staff and your agency’s culture.

“At Street, we do what we do for clients for ourselves, and sometimes better – and it really works,” says Katie. “Emulating the work we do with our clients is the reason we’ve tripled in size during the pandemic.”

We’ll be talking in more depth with Katie about how you can best treat yourself like you would treat your clients, and how investing more time and energy in-house can be the key to further progress and success.