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12pm, Tuesday 20th April 2021

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KNOW YOUR WORTH: How Uncovering Your ‘Hidden’ Value Can Transform Your Agency’s Success

  • Knowing what your agency’s services are truly worth is difficult…

  • …especially when you’re trying to bring in new clients

  • Alastair Dryburgh and Simon Douglass will be discussing how to recognise the value of your work, and how it can benefit both your profits AND your reputation

It’s easy to undersell your agency’s services when you’re trying to bring new clients on board – but uncovering this seemingly ‘hidden’ value is much more beneficial.

“If there’s something you can do that is hugely useful or powerful, often from your own point of view it doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything ground-breaking because you’re so good at it,” explains strategist Alastair Dryburgh. “But for others, these things may leave them completely awestruck.”

Alastair recently worked with Simon Douglass, owner and founder of Curated, to help him work out the true value of his agency’s services. The results were phenomenal.

From the outside looking in, Alastair realised that the unique expertise Simon’s agency was offering clients was worth far MORE than what they were charging.

“We were able to take his services, package them up nicely, and sell them as very valuable and powerful tools,” says Alastair.

  • They identified two separate opportunities that transformed Simon’s services: one was a product being sold for around £2-5k, the other given away for free.
  • Now, thanks to uncovering this value, Simon sells both at much higher, justified prices, ranging from £25-50k.

“There’s huge value in someone from the outside looking in. We don’t help ourselves, but we can help each other,” explains Alastair. “And sometimes, you should raise your fee because your work is not only worth that, but you will also improve your quality of work as a result.”

Join us as we discuss with Alastair and Simon the power of uncovering the true value of your agency, and how doing so can help you position yourself and your high quality services much more confidently to clients.