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10.30am, Wednesday 16th December 2020

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“I Sold my Agency… Despite Our WORST Year On Record”

  • Trenton Moss sold Webcredible – despite having a dreadful year
  • He puts it down to having a strong niche – and being able to overcome certain fears
  • Go behind the scenes of this well-known agency exit

Normally after a bad year, people aren’t going to want to buy your agency. At least, that’s what you hear.

For Trenton Moss, it didn’t work out that way.

“The last year before we sold Webcredible was TERRIBLE” he says. “Another six months and we would have been bankrupt.”

Despite this, Trenton was able to sell.

He says you shouldn’t let a bad year of growth – or lack of profit – stop you from selling your agency.  “All the stuff the M&A guys tell you isn’t necessarily the case,” he says. “You just have to bring something the acquirer wants and that will add more value to their business than to the profit you bring.”

“You’ve got to work out your niche – that’s what will attract you to people.”

Trenton says there are three reasons people don’t sell their agency.

All of them come down to fear:

  • “Firstly, what will my TEAM think of me? They’ve come in on this promise, and I’m selling out. They’re all going to hate me,” he says.
  • “Second, what if it DOESN’T happen? What if I go ahead and no one wants to buy us? Am I stuck here forever?”
  • “And what will I do NEXT? There’s a fear of becoming a nobody.”

If you’re thinking of selling, this session may well give you the motivation and insight to say goodbye to your fears and set the wheels in motion.