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11am, Tuesday 18th May 2021

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CROSSING OVER: How Our Success in One Niche Helped Us Conquer New Sectors

  • It’s important to be open-minded to new avenues
  • What kind of work could you be doing if you used your transferable skills and looked beyond your comfort zone?
  • We’ll be talking to Richard Wagstaff about how he took his agency from working in a highly regulated space to winning work in other sectors

Everyone tells you to find a niche.

But when you find your sweet spot, will you STAY in it – or will you use it as a launchpad to conquer new worlds?

Richard Wagstaff, managing director of Degree 53, says the groove his agency got into early on set them up for later success in new markets.

“We started off as part of Betfred’s mobile division creating mobile gambling products, and soon realised we could offer our services to other bookmakers too – that’s how Degree 53 was born,” he says.

“Working in the gambling space is highly regulated, and often involves working with legacy systems. This means a licence is required, which means working to a stringent set of security, compliance, and technology standards. You’re therefore in a special position.”

Working in a highly regulated field, Degree 53 has gone on to collaborate with clients in other regulated industries, such as the financial sector, utilities, healthcare and beyond.

“Thanks to our experience, a lot of companies in other sectors see the standards we work to on a daily basis and therefore trust us to work for them due to our specific expertise.”

Not only has this helped them work with a wider variety of clients, but it has also helped open doors to international work.

“We’re only a small-to-medium sized team, but we’ve adapted and grown into an internationally-focused agency,” says Richard. “In fact, today the majority of our work is now overseas.”

In this session, Richard will be telling us more about how Degree 53’s niche background has worked to their advantage, and we’ll explore how YOU can use your skills to branch out beyond your backyard.

Who knows what else you could be doing?