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10am, Tuesday 21st September 2021

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TRAINING SESSION: How to Get Your New Biz Moving

  • New business is key for growth – but how are you approaching it?
  • Steve Fair and Matt Broughton are the co-founders of Sponge NB and specialise in agency growth and new biz opportunities.
  • They’ll be talking us through the actionable things you can do TODAY to get the new biz ball rolling.

New business is key for an agency to grow and thrive.

But how can you get the ball rolling?

Steve Fair and Matt Broughton run Sponge NB, which specialises in agency growth and helping agencies find high-quality new business opportunities.

“There’s a few things agencies can do themselves TODAY that can get their new biz moving,” says Steve. “Most of it is so expensive, and a new biz agency usually wants you to spend thousands a month for years with them – which for a larger agency is fine.”

“However, there are smaller agencies who have done it themselves and done it quite well but wanted to move on to the next step. We knew there must be a way to help them.”

From email outreach and strategy to full-service business development, Steve and Matt are the experts. These are just some of the things they’ll be talking us through:

  • How to get your database in shape. This is key to help build and run your new biz approach, and to monitor and improve on your response rates.
  • When to use creds – and when not to. The length of case studies, pagination and even the order of sentences can make a difference and help people remember you.
  • What to do face-to-face. Whether you’re a natural born salesperson or not, it’s important to be comfortable selling your proposition in a personable yet professional way.

In this training session, Steve and Matt will help you iron out your new biz creases with actionable tips you can use as soon as the session ends.