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11am, Friday 23rd July 2021

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  • No one likes to admit that something good has come from just sheer good luck.
  • …but if we’re honest, good luck plays a big role in building an agency or brand.
  • Andy Nairn will be taking us through how to making the most of our luck, be it good or bad, and how we can use to our advantage in business.

This is the second in our new series of training sessions – shorter, ‘downloadable’ 45-minute sessions on all aspects of agency life.

Have you ever realised the importance of luck when it comes to building an agency?

That’s what Andy Nairn, founding partner at Lucky Generals, is helping us to focus on in this session – he’s even written a book about it, Go Luck Yourself.

“I did a bit of research, and I found out lots of really interesting stuff about how we don’t like to talk about luck in Western culture,” says Andy. “But actually, if you go to the heart of virtually all business, marketing and advertising success stories, there’s an element of luck.”

“You don’t have to just wait for good fortune. You can do some stuff to help you increase your chances of success,” he continues. “You CAN stack the odds in your favour.”

Andy will be guiding us through:

  • How to appreciate what you’ve already got
  • How to look out for opportunities everywhere
  • How to turn misfortune into good fortune
  • How to practice being lucky

Join us in this fun and interactive session – and see how your luck can turn.