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10am, Thursday 8th July 2021

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TRAINING SESSION: How to Simplify Your Agency Finances

  • Finances are the backbone of every agency…
  • …but is your financial pipeline clear and efficient?
  • In a new series of training sessions, we’ll be joined by Simon Collard, as he helps simplify your agency’s financial roadmap

Introducing a new Agency Hackers series – training sessions!

These are shorter, ‘downloadable’ 45-minute sessions on all aspects of agency life.

And to kick things off, we’re covering one of the most important aspects: finances.

Is your finance pipeline clear and easy to understand?

Simon Collard, an agency CFO and co-founder of, is here to help you simplify your financial roadmap.

“I’ve had so many conversations with clients where they’re just not sure what’s going on, because things get washed away in a sea of data,” says Simon. 

“My focus is on keeping things really simple, finding the most important metric and communicating that with the agency.”

Simplifying your agency finance pipeline will not only make sure your agency and your clients are singing from the same hymn sheet, but it will also open discussion to more important questions.

“What does that mean? Why are we doing that? Can we be doing something different? Are we missing an opportunity? What can we learn about the past?” he asks. “Let’s drill down on what’s happening, look out our ways of working, and how that impacts revenue and profits.”

“Every family is different. There are many, many ways to be dysfunctional, but there’s probably only a handful of ways you can be a happy family – and it’s the same with agencies,” says Simon. “It’s about having the clarity, roadmap and tools, and knowing what’s important.”

Simon will be talking us through how to simplify your agency’s financial roadmap – and how nailing it will help you efficiently achieve your future aims.