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10am, Thursday 26th August 2021

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TRAINING SESSION: How to Scale Beyond Founder-Led Sales

  • It’s easy to become heavily reliant on founder-led sales…
  • …but once you scale beyond it, your agency can go onto far more success and growth.
  • Karl Loudon will be telling us how to scale past this sales structure and unlock your agency’s true capacity.

When you’re the leader of an agency, it’s easy to fall into the trap of founder-led selling. It’s even easier to become overly reliant on it.

“Some people even get to £10m but struggle to get off the very heavy, consultative sell,” says Karl Loudon. “Being reliant on that is always going to hamper you.”

Karl is the CEO and founder of Tevyan, which specialises in helping digital agencies grow beyond the founder-led sales process. 

Being able to step away from this will not only lighten your leadership load but also unlock your agency’s true capacity for sales and growth.

“Once you start to crack a systematic way of selling, you go far beyond people’s capacity. You actually start to work a bit more efficiently – you figure out ways to be smarter at what you do,” says Karl.

“Often when people are thinking about trying to scale beyond founder-led sales, they’re probably thinking about an exit of some kind. When you do this and create a systematic growth engine, that actually creates proprietary value in the business.”

Karl will be talking us through a framework that can help you tackle this called the 3 P’s: people, process, and pipeline. 

Using Karl’s method can help pinpoint the problems you’re having, work out how to make your proposition work harder, figure out where and why you might be losing pitches along the way, and more.

“A lot of agencies will get somewhere using people’s black books which doesn’t always work – it’s about creating sustainable growth,” says Karl.

Join this 45-min interactive training session, as Karl takes us through his formula for scaling beyond founder-led sales to shake all the best ideas out of your agency and help implement change. 

It could be the very thing that’s holding you back…