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10am, Wednesday 11th August 2021

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TRAINING SESSION: Transform Your Agency’s Marketing Strategy


  • When it comes to strategy, you know what you’re doing for your clients, but can you say the same for your agency?
  • What are the key fundamentals you need?
  • In this training session, Sarah Edwards will be helping us solve the key problems agency leaders face in order to develop your agency’s marketing strategy and create reliable growth as a result.

When it comes to your clients, you know what you’re doing.

But when it comes to your own agency’s marketing strategy, can you say the same?

“For many agencies, they know strategy because they do it for their clients, and they have an abundance of creative ideas, but they don’t always get the time to come up with and apply these things to themselves,” explains Sarah Edwards, marketing strategist and founder of Purple Banana.

So, with limited time to work on your own agency, where do you begin? How do you work out what building blocks you need for greater strategic impact, and to give you a reliable business pipeline and growth you’re looking for?

Do you have a clear vision for your agency?

How can you make your marketing goals work harder for you?

How well do your teams communicate and collaborate with one another?

From long-term goals and value proposition to internal delivery and processes, Sarah will talk us through how to overcome the key challenges agency leaders often face when developing their marketing strategy and create reliable growth as a result.