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11am, Friday 5th March 2021

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How Can You Be a Stronger Leader in Strange Times?

  • We’ve been living through extraordinary measures…
  • …and mixed with several other world issues, this can cause a great level of stress and overwhelm
  • Martin Palethorpe, executive coach and quality of mind expert, will be helping us free our minds to achieve authentic, resilient leadership

A year on and we’re still living in strange times.

Most of us have had to pivot and change. With vaccines comes hope, but for many others, there’s still a great deal of uncertainty and challenges.

And not only has the pandemic been far more damaging to mental health, but throw in Brexit, the recent US elections and even climate change, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for feeling overwhelmed.

“When the going gets tough, leadership is even more important,” explains Martin Palethorpe, executive coach and founder of Unbounded. “This time in history is a special opportunity to be the leader you really want to be – to help, to support, to innovate, to inspire.”

Martin has previously spoken to Agency Hackers about ‘beating the mind virus’ at the beginning of the pandemic, focusing on peace of mind and being calm.

In this session, he’ll be helping you navigate the seas of constant change and access the strong leader within you. Come to this session if you’re feeling overwhelmed or if you simply aspire to taking your leadership to the next level.