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12pm, Thursday 28th January 2021

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Why is ‘Selling’ a Dirty Word in the Creative Industry?

  • Hate talking money and feel weird when you have to ‘sell’?
  • Learn how you can push past the ‘ickiness’ 
  • Join this discussion about how to banish your own head trash and make sure others understand the value your work

Why are creative people so bad at talking about money?

“I tend to find it comes from personal experience of how creatives have previously been sold to” says Russ Hope of Plain Selling. “Creative directors that set up agencies typically come from some kind of professional creative craft background.”

“You’ve shown people how amazing your work is, you’ve got passionate about it.. but have you ever actually sold it?”

In this session, we’ll talk with Russ about the ‘icky-ness’ of money, the reasons why creatives find it so hard to sell themselves, and the right way to approach a sale.

Russ says that a lot of the problems surrounding talking about money are down to 1) not knowing how to sell effectively, and 2) underestimating the value of your work.

“I was working on a project of my own. I got in touch with a guy whose work was really good and told him we’d love to work with him, and he came in with such a lightweight estimate,” says Russ. “He was really devaluing his unique experience, and how long it had taken him to put together his branding. You see that all the time in our industry.”

“Creatives have value; they’ve got to understand how to articulate it and believe there really is value there,” says Russ.