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2pm, Tuesday 20th July 2021

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RAPID PACE: How You Can Scale Your Agency at Speed

  • Every agency wants to grow, but do you really know how?
  • Felix Velarde has created a growth programme, 2Y3X, which helps lay the foundations for rapid scale – and it has an (almost) infallible track record
  • He’ll be talking us through how it works and how you can apply its processes to your own agency. What’s stopping you?

Felix Velarde is no stranger to making an agency successful – so much so, he created a growth programme that helps agencies scale at rapid speed.

“I had a long agency career, but also made every mistake you can possibly make,” says the former chairman of Impero, White Bear and VERB Brands.

The programme in question, 2Y3X, is a comprehensive guide to doubling (or even tripling) your revenue in two years – and he’s even written a book, Scale of Speed, all about it.

“I decided to tell everybody exactly how it’s done, with no secrets and nothing held back whatsoever,” says Felix. “I think the thing that stops people scaling is not understanding why feast and famine happens, and how to get past it.”

“The more challenging the goal, the more likely people are to step up and the more likely you are to achieve it,” he says. “Take your goal, double or triple it, and then put it far enough away that it’s visible but not intimidating.”

The process helps you set goals on positioning, culture, and profit, which results in a list of tasks that need solving.

“It might be things that need fixing, like sorting out your proposition and nailing your HR strategy. We put them all together and work out what order these things go in. How can we break them into quarterly tasks? And then we start working through them,” he explains.

“It sounds nice and logical, but it needs very careful design,” he continues. “The programme gives you a roadmap, stops the owner being the bottleneck, and helps the wider team take responsibility for delivering growth.”

If you’ve been looking to scale your agency, or perhaps overhaul things to break through those walls of change, this session with Felix will certainly get the ball rolling.