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2pm, Monday 15th March 2021

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Return to Work: What Have You Decided?

  • Hear what other agencies are planning when it comes to re-opening their offices
  • What kind of approaches are people considering?
  • Join the Agency Hackers gang to see what people are planning – and find out how your plans compare

What’s happening with your office space?

This is something that Simon Bollon – founder of Boutique – is wondering at the moment.

“There’s a general feeling that most agencies will have a balance between work and home – but what does that balance look like?”

  • “Do we go in Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – and allow people to have Monday and Friday working at home?”
  • “Do we go in on Fridays, because that’s the day we go to the pub?”
  • “We like to book-end our week with full agency meetings. Are they better in person? Or do we continue to do them by Zoom? Going through the same agenda each week on camera is starting to feel a little bit formulaic.”

“We’re paying seven grand a month for an office. We’ve spent 80 grand for a year to not use it. It’s up for renewal in October.”

“There are so many things to consider. And I’m just really interested in what other agencies have decided on.”

Simon is aware that whatever they decide now is likely to change. “If you ask people now, they’re probably really keen to get back to the office because they’re sick of the kitchen table.”

“But will the volume of people in attendance just fall off a cliff after a month? Once we’ve all got back together and had our time and been to the pub and had the water cooler moments and all that?”

Join this session and hear from others what they’re planning to do.