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11am, Thursday 13th May 2021

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NEW RECRUITS: How Do You Approach Hiring New Employees?

  • Each agency has its own preferences when it comes to searching for new talent
  • Do you use external recruiters, or do you do internal recruitment yourself?
  • Join the debate as we discuss with Emma Simkiss the dos and don’ts of recruiting

Despite the last year of uncertainty, it seems more agencies than ever are hiring in 2021.

And while that’s a great thing, the question remains: do you use external recruiters or do the job yourself?

“Whether you go down the recruiter path or do things internally, it’s about making sure that candidates at every stage of the journey are having a good experience with you, because that’s effectively your employer brand out there. Plus, it gives a really good vibe about your culture,” explains Emma Simkiss, head of people and culture at Freestyle

Being an ex-recruiter herself, Emma has vital insight into both sides of the debate – and knows exactly what to look for in an external recruiter.

“Are you dressing your shop window in such a way that a passer-by decides they want to go in? If you’re using a poor recruiter that hasn’t really gotten to the core of your business, or knows enough about your culture and strategy, they can’t sell you properly to potential candidates and are already on the backfoot,” she explains. 

“When you’re handling things internally, you’re probably doing a better job of responding to emails quickly and giving a better overview of the role and the business,” she continues – but you don’t always have enough hours in the day to do this alongside your own role.

Each agency has their own preference of how they market and recruit roles, whether that’s through job boards, LinkedIn, recruiters or internal hiring strategies. But what has worked for you?

Come along and discuss your experiences of what’s gone right (and wrong) and how you’re doing things in 2021.